Our cocktail menu

Whether you want a refreshing drink with your meal or you want to kick back and relax with a cocktail, our knowledgeable bartenders will always mix you up cold and rejuvenating cocktail. Take a look at your choices below!

Cocktails & Libations

  • Catherine The great9

    Damrak Gin | Vodka | St. Germain | Lime | Prosecco

  • Death Form A Buzz9

    Death,s Door Gin | Cucumber Water | Ginger Bear | local Honey

  • Hot Buttered Rum10

    Dark Rum | Butter | Brown Sugar

  • Hot Toddy11

    Bourbon or Brandy | Brown Sugar | Honey | Lemon

  • Lemon Champagne10

    Wheatley Vodka | Housemade Sours | Angostura | Chanpagne

  • Milk Punch10

    Bourbon or Brandy | Vanilla | Simple Syrup | Cream

  • Old Fashioned9

    Bourbon Brandy | Curacao | Maraschino | Brown Sugar | Angostura

  • Pimm's Cup11

    Pimm's | Fresh Seasonal Berries | Cucumber | Soda

  • Ramos Gin Fizz10

    Gin | Lemon | Simple Syrup | Egg White | Cream | Orange | Flower Water | Soda

  • Royal SIdecar12

    Remy Martim VSOP Cognac | Cointreau | Lemon

  • Sazerac9

    Sazerac Rye Whiskey | Peychaud's | Angosture | Absinthe Mist

  • Saixonte Quinze11

    Botanist Gin | Chanpagne | Lemon

  • Southern Smash9

    Buffallo Trace Bourbon | Ginger Liqueur | Lemon Sours

  • The Devil's Beating His Wife9

    Dark Rum | Ginger | Grapefruit | Steigl Radlar

  • Tom Collins10

    Gin | Curacaa | Maraschino | Lemon | Soda

Our cocktail menu is full of delicious concoctions such as the “Death from a Buzz!”

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